Schoolyard Garden

The Schoolyard Garden will foster and grow a natural curiosity of children and connect them with food through gardening in a simple yet fascinating experience.

Our First Year:

My Public School Experience Feature Video:

There are many opportunities to become involved in the Schoolyard Garden.  Check out our seasonal volunteer opportunities below!

Spring:  From planning and planting to providing info about the garden at school events, spring is a busy time for garden activities!

Summer: Although school is out for the summer months, the garden isn't on break!  During summer, families and/or groups are encouraged to "adopt" the garden for a week of care when they weed, prune, and water!

Fall:  The fruits of our labor are very evident during the fall months!  It's a lot of fun to see each student's face when they return to to school.  The garden looks so different!  We need volunteers for harvesting, winterizing, and taste testing!

Contact Pamela Parks, Schoolyard Garden Co-Chair for information!