School Nutrition Information

Food service blue button
Breakfast and Lunch Programs
  • The district will work with A’viands to implement recommended food service guidelines for breakfast and lunch service in the cafeteria and the use of other large spaces to promote physical distancing when possible. 
  • Menu will not include shared self-serving stations and increased use of prepackaged condiments, paper supplies, etc.
  • Plexiglass/acrylic barriers installed at serving lines.
  • Additional staffing will be provided to reduce number of students waiting in lines and provide efficiency of service.
  • Additional lunch tables will be purchased to physically distance students.
  • The elementary lunch schedule will need to be lengthened to allow for staggered serving times.
  • High school ala carte items will not be self-served but served behind counter. No cash will be exchanged. Funds for ala carte must be deposited ahead of time in the student's food service account. 
  • A’viands will provide multi-meal packs for students who are doing remote learning (eligible for free & reduced lunch or parent pay).
Classroom Treats & Snacks
  • In addition to following the Department of Public Instruction’s Smart Snacks guidelines, any food treats brought to the classroom must be prepackaged.