Board of Education

Why We Do What We Do!

The Southern Door County School District operates under State of Wisconsin statutes as a Common School District, governed by a seven-member Board of Education elected at large for three-year terms. This policy-making body also sets the school budget and tax levy.

Board Member Contact Info:

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Board of Education President, Penny Price
Penny Price, President
Board Term: 2019-22

Board of Education Vice President, Kim Starr
Kim Starr, Vice President
Board Term: 2020-23

Board of Education Clerk, Pamela Parks
Pamela Parks, Clerk
Board Term 2020-23

Board of Education Treasurer, Janel Veeser
Janel Veeser, Treasurer
Board Term: 2021-24

Board of Education Member, Josh Jeanquart
Josh Jeanquart, Member
Board Term: 2021-24

Board of Education Member, Marissa Norton
Marissa Norton, Member
Board Term: 2020-23

Board of Education Member, Matthew Tassoul
Matthew Tassoul, Member
Board Term: 2019-22  

Student Representatives:

school Board Student Representative, Kaylee Griep
Kaylee Griep, Senior Representative
Board Term: 2021-22

school Board Student Representative, Hunter Malvitz
Hunter Malvitz, Junior Representative
Board Term:2021-22