Report an Absence

When your child is absent, please call the Elementary/Middle School office at 920-825-7321 by 9:00 am the day of the absence. The call should include the reason for the absence.  You no longer need to send a written excuse to school.  

The phone call is very important for the safety of the students and to correctly complete attendance records. 

Parents are required to send notes for ALL of the following:
  • Early student pick-up
  • Student pick-up by other than parent
  • Bus changes
  • Pre-planned absences

According to the Southern Door School District Policy & Handbook:

If a child is to ride a DIFFERENT BUS HOME, a NOTE needs to be sent IN ADVANCE. IF A NOTE IS NOT RECEIVED, YOUR CHILD(REN) WILL BE SENT HOME ON HIS/HER REGULAR BUS.  There will be ONLY one pick-up and ONLY one drop-off location.  Any TEMPORARY changes may be made by the Director of Transportation of the District Administrator.

Pre-planned absences:
A Planned Absence Form must be completed and returned to the school office at least 24 hours before the scheduled absence.  

If anyone other than the parent is picking up the student, the parent needs to send a note to the teacher stating this.

After school pick up:
Parents/siblings MUST come to the elementary/middle school office to pick up your child(ren).  Please check-in with one of the secretaries.  They will then call your child(ren)’s teacher to have your child(ren) sent to the office.   Elementary/middle school students are not allowed to walk over to the high school to meet older siblings, nor are they allowed to wait outside the school for someone to pick them up.